Photo snapped on New Years  Day, 2007, early afternoon on the streets of San Francisco.

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Excavation Nation airs Wednesdays at 4:30 - 6:00 pm CDT on 91.7 KOOP-FM in Austin, Texas and on the web.

In Dog We Trust


About Me

I'm Rick—although you may know me as Rick Daddy, or just plain Daddy. I do a couple of radio shows in Austin, Texas.


After making tapes of myself as a 14-year old would-be deejay, I finally found an outlet at a small radio station in suburban Chicago, hosting a Friday night show while in high school.

A slave to the romantic notions of radio, I slummed around college radio station KXLU in L.A., whored myself out to Northwestern's WNUR in Chicago, and eventually moved to Austin and found a home with KOOP, which led to a gig at KUT.


What the hey?


Rick McNulty enjoys red shirts