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Many of these shows have been archived for podcast. However, we are limited in the number of shows we can post online. If you're desperate for a particular show, send me a message and I might be able to make it temporarily available for you.

12/26/2007 Producer Joel Dorn, R.I.P.
One of the unsung and largely unknown producers for what they call "Soul Jazz," Joel Dorn passed away on 12/17/07. He was a fixture at Atlantic Records, working alongside Nesuhi Ertegun, but he also stretched out on his own. Expect to hear tracks from Eddie Harris, Herbie Mann, Les McCann, Grant Green, Oscar Brown, Roberta Flack, The Allman Brothers (!), The Neville Brothers, and more. Dorn is also all over Rhino's What It Is! funk box-set, so it's gonna be a good one.

12/19/2007 Bettye LaVette is the new Queen of Soul
The Scene of the Crime is not only my favorite album of the year, but it may be the best soul album of the last thirty years. We'll go deep into it as well as chronicling the early and lean years of LaVette's struggle to stay alive in the music business. We'll also play some tracks from her infamously unreleased Atlantic album from 1972.

12/12/2007 2007's Best Funk & Soul Releases
Dig the new funk! It's the best and brightest of 2007: Orgone, The Greyboy Allstars, Soulive, Prince, Galactic, Ryan Shaw, Dumpstaphunk, The New Mastersounds, Brownout, The Budos Band, and more. As an added bonus, Leah informs me live on the air that Ike Turner had just died.

12/05/2007 Funk & Soul, Jamaican Style
It's high time to devote a show to the groovier sounds of our friends in Jamaica. It's an Excavation Nation Sound System; make sure your sub-woofer is working properly. Loads of great stuff, plus sets of Jackie Mitoo, The Aggrolites, and Toots and the Maytals. With sincere apologies to one of KOOP's best programs and deejays, Jamaican Gold's Art Baker.

11/21/2007 Thanksgiving Jazz was time to be thankful, not industrious.
Time for something reflective; a moment to relax while you gear up for the holiday onslaught of family...or if you're lucky, just friends.

10/31/2007 Mysterious Halloween Special
A treausre trove of songs about zombies, Dr. Funkenstein, and other assorted goblins. Like a drive-in movie from heaven or hell, depending on your perspective.Featuring everyone from the Dead Kennedys to David Bowie; Parliament to a mono version of Stevie Wonder's "Superstition."

11/28/2007 L.A. Soul: The Vaults of Loma & Double Shot Records
Spinning the singles from two of Los Angeles' little record labels that existed during the heyday of soul and R&B. Both labels survived for only four years, without any real major hits between them, which is alright by me. Sets featuring Ike & Tina, J.J. Jackson, The Mighty Hannibal, Bobby Freeman, and Señor Soul among others. Righteous!

10/17/2007 The Kinks!
Miss Leah, my apprentice, graduates to become a full-blown disc jockey at KOOP. Listen in as she blossoms before your ears while she hosts a Kinks special (and I get to play second banana). Perhaps one of the better "unsung" bands of Britain; some might say they're criminally underrated. Tune in and judge for yourself.

08/15/07 Rare Groove Funk
We celebrate another Waxploitation spectacular in Austin. Slabs of wax include Fried Chicken, Memphis Black, Willie Bobo, Freddie Scott, and a rare and crazy b-side ("Blackenized") by Hank Ballard written and produced by his buddy, The Godfather. Also a set of tracks devoted to the man celebrating his 73rd birthday, Bobby Byrd.

10/24/2007 Sharon Jones & all things Dap Kings
In honor of their new album, 100 Days 100 Nights, we tap into some of the new tracks, rarities, and singles. We also explore material the Dap Kings have been involved with, including the recent Amy Winehouse record, the new Mark Ronson album, and the brand-new Bob Dylan remix.Good stuff all around.

09/19/2007 Bobby Byrd, RIP
Due to technical difficulties, this show was not recorded. Drat.
Goddamnit, we lost another one. The Stepfather of Soul has left the building. All we can do is clean house and dust off his best stuff. Remember this: without Byrd, it is entirely possible that James Brown might never have gotten his thing together. That's a parallel universe I want no part of.

08/29/2007 The Basement Tapes
Or "How I spent my summer vacation" by little Bobby Zimmerman. We try to bring some clarity to Dylan's first break from the rat race in 1967 when he was hiding out in the basement at Big Pink. Some stereo mixes of tracks that have only been previously available in mono. "Get your rocks off."

08/22/2007 Excavation Nation's 2nd Anniversary
Strange, but true. Despite city-wide demonstrations, X-Nat has been on the air for two years. It's a free-for-all, featuring songs from The Aggrolites, The Bad Plus, Mexican Institute of Technology, rare tracks by Marvin Gaye and Sly & The Family Stone, and Parliament performing a country song replete with jew's harp.

07/25-08/01/07 Remembering 1967 with forty years of hindsight
In which we explore the changing face of pop music, R&B, soul, and rock and roll. We contend that it was Wilt Chamberlin who really kicked off the summer of love. Lots of good mono mixes, particularly from The Kinks, The Who, The Beatles, and The Stones. Also we get a lift from an amazing Hendrix outtake and what would have been the first suite of songs on the lost Beach Boys' Smile album. Oh, and a great aural snapshot of Bob Dylan relaxing in the basement at Big Pink. We also spend some time at the Monterey Pop Festival with incendiary performances from Otis and Hendrix. Makes you kinda nostalgic, don't it?

07/18/07 Florida Funk
The state that has failed this country in so many ways has actually given us some great funk in the past. For that, they will be forgiven. Featuring Pearly Queen, James Knight & The Butlers, The Beginning of the End, Little Beaver and Clarence Reid among others. We even hear something from the band that would later become KC & The Sunshine Band.

07/11/2007 More Glorious Funk
More lowdown and nasty funk, with everyone from Andre Williams, Darondo, Brute Force, Bill Thomas & The Fendells to Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns and much more.

07/04/07 4th of July with Creedence Clearwater Revival
Is there any other band that defines (and name-checks) the fourth of July better than Creedence Clearwater Revival? Methinks not. The Bay Area boys reflect all that is America: independence, ingenuity, brotherhood, ego, and litigation. We start with some early Golliwogs material, plus other lost goodies, including the single mono mix of "Green River" which features, just barely, an ending rather than a fade-out. Also a special dedication of a classic Fogerty song to a certain monkey that became president.

06/27/07 Evolution Radio
KOOP's Mark Leutwyler will be sitting in and strutting his stuff just for you. Mark hosts "Evolution Radio" which broadcasts at 3:00pm on Mondays on KOOP FM. Be sure and make him feel at home.

06/13 + 20/07 Bucket Load o' Funk
Daddy needs a little old-fashioned funk in his diet. We'll scare up some Baby Huey, General Crook, Phil Flowers, and a recently discovered song about a monkey that became president. Lots more, too!

06/06/07 Sgt. Pepper's Summer Vacation
It was forty years ago today...yeah, yeah, yeah--you know the rest. We'll be exploiting mono versions, some outtakes, and some new mixes of Pepper-era songs that changed rock music forever. If you're not familiar with this landmark album, I promise an enlightening lesson. We'll also hold classes chronicling other Beatle adventures in 1967.

05/23/07 Memorial Day Soul - Vietnam
Not too long ago, the radio was asking to bring the boys back home. The R&B and Soul stations had it right. My, how times have changed...or have they? Tune in as we play the best Vietnam-era soul songs that demand an end to the madness. If you're streaming it in Washington, D.C., turn it up. LOUD.

05/16/07 Soul & Funk Nouveau
We highlight the best of the new funk and soul that's out there. Most of the stuff sounds like it was recorded in a dirty basement in 1971--which is a good thing, you know?

05/09/07 Parliafunkadelicment Thang
They're back and on tour! We're celebrating with a George Clinton extravaganza, featuring anything and everything from the P-Funk universe.

05/02/07 1977 Retrospective
Was it really the year of the cat? Or was it the year of flying like an eagle? Or was it the year of the Eagles? Too much confusion, if you ask me. Tune in as we dissect one of the last years before disco. Could be meat, could be cake.

04/25/07 The Meters
Deep-fried, New Orleans-style funk and soul. We examine their back catalog, along with insanely tasty backing tracks they provided for other artists. You'll be surprised by some of the songs with which they've been involved. The experience will embolden your love for N'awlins favorite sons.

04/18/07 Curtom Forever!
It's the sound of Curtis Mayfield vis à vis the record label that he and his pal Eddie Thomas created. From the mid '60s thru the mid '70s, Curtom defined classy, groovy, and socially conscious soul. And all of it was channeled through the soft-spoken genius Mayfield, and all of it a product of its time and place. Chicago never sounded this good before or since.

03/28/07 Sly & The Family Stone
We sharpened our spade and shovel and discovered a pot of gold hidden well below the water-line. We'll serve it up to you before Sly tries to smoke all of it.

03/21/07 The Return of Waxploitation
Funk and soul junkies in Austin are welcoming the news that Waxploitation is back in town after a three month hiatus. Excavation Nation will spin some of the records you'll hear at the event itself. Special guest dj's will be joining us.

03/14/07 Dennis Coffey Will Blow Your Mind!
In a joint session of KOOP's Cinemaphonics and Excavation Nation, we'll be featuring clips of an exclusive interview with Funk Brother and god of the psychedelic soul guitar: Dennis Coffey. You'll hear highlights of his incredible and influential guitar work from his own hip solo records, as well as his work with giants like The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, The Parliaments, Funkadelic, Wilson Pickett, The Supremes, The Chairmen of the Board, and a million others.

03/07/07 Motown 1963
Would you believe that the little R&B label also featured jazz and country music? Tune in to find out where Mr. Gordy was at in '63, before the label became synonymous with the sound of Young America.

02/28/07 Another Funk & Soul Spectacular
We're feeling the love of the ass on X-Nat. Tune in for obscure grooves and rare gems.

02/21/07 Free-Form Funkathon
We're overdue for a shakedown on X-Nat. Tune in for obscure grooves and rare gems.

02/14/07 Otis, the Love Man
No one better demonstrates the power of the heart: its soaring strength when fortified or its crippling horror when broken. For our Valentine's special, Otis Redding will flip both sides from the coin of love.

01/31 & 02/07/07 Invictus & Hot Wax excavated!
We devote a program to the soul and funk sides of Detroit's Invictus and sister Hot Wax label. In 1968, Holland, Dozier, and Holland departed the hallowed halls of Motown to launch their own vision. Tune in and dig!

01/24/07 Prince: the last ten years
As Prince gave up the ghost on his symbol in the mid '90s, he fell further off the pop culture radar. It doesn't mean that he wasn't still making good music, only that it was harder to keep tabs on just what he was releasing. Find out what he's been up to over the last ten years...including a strong new album, 3121.

01/20/07 XTC Turns 30
Arguably the greatest melodists to hail from England since the Fabs, XTC turns thirty years old this year. We'll dig up some of their most delicious gems.

01/13/07 James Brown R.I.P.
Good gawd! And here I thought he was immortal. One of my dreams was to learn the mashed potato from the Godfather himself. Much sadness, yet much celebration to be had of the man...we'll be loading up on the live stuff, since it's where he made his bread and butter...and his beloved mashed potatoes.

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